Son apprentissage de l'anglais des affaires - Entretien avec un client en anglais

usa-uk.pngPour diriger un entretien avec un client anglophone en qualité de conseil juridique...

... Suivez la méthodologie que vous propose FAQ de Droit ci-après.


Etapes clés

Formules type

1. - Introduction

Saluer le client
  • Nice to see you (again) Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms X. Please have a seat. It"s a pleasure to meet you. Would you like a glass of water / a cup of tea / a cup of coffee ?

Expliquer le déroulement de l'entretien

  • I'll be asking you some questions about the situation... We'll be spending the next hour discussiong the facts of your case...

Exposer les modalités de l'entretien

  • Let me assure you that everything you tell me today will be held in strict confidence.
  • Before we get started, maybe I should tell you about my fees...

2. - Faits

Identifier les difficultés rencontrées par le client

  • Would you like to tell me why you are here today?
  • Tell me what brings you here today and how I can help you.
  • Please tell me more about what happened next.
  • What did you do then?
  • Let's return to the course of events.

Résumer la situation

  • So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that...
  • Let me repeat what I have understood so far.
  • Allow me to summarise what you've said.
  • As I understand the situation, ...
Obtenir des détails supplémentaires
  • Allow me to ask you more about...
  • Could you explain why...

3. - Analyse juridique

Rassurer le client

  • As I see it, we have a good chance of convincing the court that...
  • I think that we have good reason to be optimistic.
Mettre en garde le client
  • I have to warn you that proving that... will be extremely difficult.
  • Let me tell you something about the legislation in such cases...

4. - Conclusion

Evoquer la prochaine prise de contact
  • I'm going to research these matters in detail and then I'll get back to you.
  • I'll call you next week and let you know how things look.
  • You'll hear from me in a few days.
Mettre fin à l'entretien
  • It was good seeing you.
  • Thank you for entrusting me with this matter.


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